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rsyslog (

rsyslog Facility and Severity


Numerical Code Keyword Facility
0 kern kernel messages
1 user user-level messages
2 mail mail system
3 daemon system daemons
4 auth security/authorization messages
5 syslog messages generated internally by syslogd
6 lpr line printer subsystem
7 news network news subsystem
8 uucp UUCP subsystem
9 cron clock daemon
10 authpriv security/authorization messages
11 FTP daemon
12 NTP subsystem
13 log audit
14 log alert
15 clock daemon
16 local0 local use 0
17 local1 local use 1
18 local2 local use 2
19 local3 local use 3
20 local4 local use 4
21 local5 local use 5
22 local6 local use 6
23 local7 local use 8

man rsyslog.conf

The facility is one of the following keywords: auth, authpriv, cron, daemon, kern, lpr, mail, mark,
news, security (same as auth), syslog, user, uucp and local0 through local7. The keyword security
should not be used anymore and mark is only for internal use and therefore should not be used in appli‐
cations. Anyway, you may want to specify and redirect these messages here. The facility specifies the
subsystem that produced the message, i.e. all mail programs log with the mail facility (LOG_MAIL) if
they log using syslog.


Numerical Code Keyword Severity
0 emerg Emergency: system is unusable
1 alert Alert: action must be taken immediately
2 crit Critical: critical conditions
3 err Error: error conditions
4 warning Warning: warning conditions
5 notice Notice: normal but significant condition
6 info Informational: informational messages
7 debug Debug: debug-level messages

man rsyslog.conf

The priority is one of the following keywords, in ascending order: debug, info, notice, warning, warn
(same as warning), err, error (same as err), crit, alert, emerg, panic (same as emerg). The keywords
error, warn and panic are deprecated and should not be used anymore. The priority defines the severity
of the message.


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