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Preparation Host List

How to write hosts list

  • Target server in the first column of the file.
  • 1 row 1 host
  • Anything after the second row is good. You can add any number of groups.
  • # Is a comment


$FHHOME/hosts/tmp    tmp-web-01    tmp-web-02    tmp-web-03


# web
test-web-01   web   reboot1
test-web-02   web   reboot2
test-web-03   web   reboot3

# ap
test-ap-01    ap    reboot1
test-ap-02    ap    reboot2
test-ap-03    ap    reboot3

test-db-01    db    reboot1
test-db-02    ap    reboot2


# web
pro-web-01   web   reboot1
pro-web-02   web   reboot2
pro-web-03   web   reboot3

# ap
pro-ap-01    ap    reboot1
pro-ap-02    ap    reboot2
pro-ap-03    ap    reboot3

pro-db-01    db    reboot1
pro-db-02    ap    reboot2


# web
stg-web-01   web   reboot1
stg-web-02   web   reboot2
stg-web-03   web   reboot3

# ap
stg-ap-01    ap    reboot1
stg-ap-02    ap    reboot2
stg-ap-03    ap    reboot3

stg-db-01    db    reboot1
stg-db-02    ap    reboot2

Hosts test

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