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FastHandle is fast operation tools for infrastructure configurations and tests.

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 [[:index.html#OS Management|Top#OS Management]] [[:index.html#OS Management|Top#OS Management]]
-====== Windows Operation ( Windows Operation with Fabric (
 $FHHOME/fabfile/ $FHHOME/fabfile/
Line 7: Line 7:
 \\ \\
-===== Operation =====+===== Operation with Fabric =====
 <sxh bash toolbar:false gutter:false> <sxh bash toolbar:false gutter:false>
Line 15: Line 15:
 </sxh> </sxh>
-==== RefRemote Shell Commands ====+\\ 
 +==== How to Check to Use Fabric in Windows ==== 
 +<sxh bash toolbar:false gutter:false> 
 +$ ssh user01@xx.xx.xx.xx hostname 
 +$ ssh user01@xx.xx.xx.xx "PowerShell.exe -Command Get-Host" 
 +==== Fabric one-line Task Examples ====
 <sxh bash toolbar:false gutter:false> <sxh bash toolbar:false gutter:false>
 $ fab -H xx.xx.xx.xx -u USER -p PASSWORD --shell="Cmd.exe /C" --no-pty -- hostname $ fab -H xx.xx.xx.xx -u USER -p PASSWORD --shell="Cmd.exe /C" --no-pty -- hostname
Line 27: Line 35:
 <sxh python toolbar:false gutter:false> <sxh python toolbar:false gutter:false>
-import sys+import sys, os
 from fabric.api import * from fabric.api import *
 from fabric.contrib import files from fabric.contrib import files

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